Overall, our goal is to demonstrate love and commitment to the community. We believe that as people recognize that The Cause cares, they will eventually recognize that God was behind it all.

The Cause Invests in



Building and facility needs, staff, sound equipment, Children's programs, special events, childcare, and also providing meals and other help to our own church family in times of crisis



We regularly bless our local schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and neighbors. We volunteer at and financially partner with City Beat Baltimore to help the homeless, victims of human trafficking, foster families, and impoverished neighborhoods. Our Spanish Ministry does monthly outreaches at the Rt 1 Flea Market.

Laying a foundation of relationships – Unlike the apostle Paul who was met by Jesus on the road to Damascus, many Christians encountered God through some form of relationship. Maybe it was a close friend, co-worker, family member, or neighbor. In any event, we ask ourselves this question: If people are inclined to encounter God down these avenues, then why not sow seeds of relationships with others? This has opened doors for deeper connection, which in turn, translates to hearts opened towards God.



We support missionaries and ministries across the globe with prayers, supplies, mission trips, and finances.

Convoy of Hope
Anasco Family - Asia
Bates Family - Southern Asia
Cannon Family - Spain
Humphrey Family - Japan
Johnson Family - Central Eurasia
Santmyire Family - Madagascar
Seevers Family - Global University
Van Dolsen Family -Italy
Zello Family - Human Trafficking