Cause internship program

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looking to grow?

Looking for intensive spiritual growth, leadership development, and ministry immersion?

Grow in character, community and calling. Learn from experienced leaders, participate in the day-to-day activities of church staff culture, stretch yourself as a leader, and lay a firm foundation for a life-long pursuit of the passion and vision that God has placed on your life. The program is great for anyone thinking about a future ministry vocation or needing hours of experience on your resume.

We have both 3 month and 6 month internship programs.

A training and proving ground for emerging church leaders. 

During your internship semester, you will accumulate valuable experience, coaching, and knowledge that will prepare you for stepping into the next phase of your God-given calling.


We are currently taking applications for the 2019-2020 internship year.

If you are interested in applying, please read over all of the information on this page and then email the following to with the subject line INTERN APPLICATION.

  1. cover letter describing your reason for wanting to intern, a paragraph about you, and the beginning and ending dates that you are available to intern.

  2. an up to date resume - including references

  3. how you will fund your time with us as an intern

  4. any questions that you may have

Some Commonly asked questions:

Does The Cause provide Housing:

We do have a few housing opportunities available in trusted Cause member’s homes. Lodging is provided in exchange for 10 hours a week of additional service at the Cause. Otherwise, our staff will be available to give guidance on areas of the city that might provide affordable housing.

What qualifications are you looking for?

Previous ministry and leadership experience is preferred and specific experience in the desired ministry focus area is certainly favored. We also look for people who have a clear sense of calling and dare to dream big dreams for the Kingdom of God. We are also big believers in attitude, flexibility, sense of humor, and ability to work within a team environment, so we weigh those heavily.

Can I get college credit?

Currently, the Cause Internship Program is not designed to be a seminary or Bible college experience; however, there are learning opportunities for credit toward a degree. Specific information is available after you apply.
Also, if you believe your current Bible college or seminary would be willing to offer independent study or internship credit for your involvement, we are willing to work with you and your academic institution to provide them with the necessary documentation.

What is the Cost?

There is no cost to attend the Cause Internship Program, but you will need the finances to support yourself and your family for your time here. You may accomplish this through fundraising in advance, working a part-time job, or some combination of the two. If you are single, you should expect to need approximately $1500/month to cover rent, food, and other necessities to live in our area. The Cause will cover all of your materials for the program. 

The Cause Internship Program is typically a part time commitment of between 10-20 hours a week. It is our expectation that most Interns will need to secure part-time employment. However, we ask that ministry expectations and time requirements take precedence over outside work schedules. Please be sure to let us know during the application process if you will be seeking a secondary job so we can make sure your availability matches your department’s needs.