Stop Human Trafficking

Huma raffickin efinition: 


★Huma raffickin h ecruitment, ransportation, ransfer, arbourin eceip f 

persons, ean h hrea s orc the orm oercion, bduction, f 

fraud, eception, h bus owe ositio ulnerabilit h ivin r 

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anothe erson, o h urpos xploitation. 

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se raffickin ithi h rostitutio ndustry. 






Matthe :35-38 


3 esu en hroug l h own n illages, eachin hei ynagogues, 

proclaimin h oo ew h ingdo n ealin ver iseas n ickness. 6 

Whe a h rowds, a ompassio he, ecaus he er arassed 

an elples, ik hee ithou hepherd. he ai i isciples, “he 

harves lentifu u h orker r e. s h or h arves, herefore, o 

sen u orker nt i arves iel.” 






1.W a ee ik on’ av xactl allin u if u l av  

______________ i arvest. 

2.__________________ r h e orkers 

3. ead h _____________ ou w rayer. 


















Ho a ak ifferenc uma raffickin it assion? 







Prayer Points


Pray for the The City of Baltimore. Jeremiah 29:7'

Pray for the women and young girls in human trafficking in Maryland.

For their Strength and Salvation

Isaiah 40:29

Luke 19:10

Psalms 138:7

For their Protection,Freedom and Justice

Psalm 82:4,

Psalm 103:6;

Psalm 146:7

For their healing and hope

Psalm 40:1-3

Jeremiah  31:17

Pray for the government for wisdom on strengthening the laws

Proverbs 8:15,

Proverbs 29:4,

Nehemiah 9:13

Pray for conviction for the buyers and traffickers.

Isaiah 55:7,

Romans 5:6-8,

2 Timothy 2:25

Unity among organizations to work together to end human trafficking maryland

Psalm 133:1

For a team to build with BeLoved Baltimore