A Christ centered Christmas

Happy almost December!

I wanted to share a few ideas with you.  I hope these fun traditions inspire you to create some new precious memories with your family.

I also took a bunch of time to create a huge playlist on Spotify filled with Christ centered Christmas music.  You can follow my playlist on Spotify.  (Spotify is free and amazing in case you haven't gotten it yet.  You can listen to basically most every single song ever made.)


I love you each so much and pray for you and your loved ones to know our Savior in a new way this December.




Ideas for a Christ centered Christmas

  1. Watch Christ centered Christmas movies.
    -The nativity story
    -Charlie Brown Christmas
    -Veggie tales ultimate Christmas collection

  2. Try a Christ-Centered Alternative to the Elf on the Shelf

Google this for lots of great ideas.

     3.   Key for Santa.

     4.   30 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas. Some fun ideas! -     http://pinterest.com/pin/A2OmQQAQwMoB6jwze0cAAAA/?s=3&m=keep
     5.   Don’t just write a letter to Santa, this year also write a letter to Jesus as a gift for his birth.
Put the letter inside of a balloon with helium and let it go up to heaven!
     6.   When you have your Christmas dinner add an extra plate to the table to teach your children that there is always room for Christ at our Inn.
     7.   On Christmas Eve turn off all the lights for a minute before the children go to bed.  Place candles all over the house and start saying in your own words the Christmas Story.  As you travel from room to room light up one candle. By the time Baby Jesus is born all the house will be lit up as a symbolism of Him being the Light of the World.
     8.    Set up your nativity but don't put baby Jesus there.  Let your youngest child put the baby Jesus in the nativity on Christmas day.  The fact that He is missing during the month of December makes the family focus more on the reason of the Season.  The children will also look forward to Christmas Eve with anticipation knowing that that’s the day when Baby Jesus was born.
    9.     Have a night when your family can talk about 25 Miracles that Jesus did.
   10.    Every year buy a new Christ centered Christmas Book.
Read it as a family… You will have a wonderful collection over the years.
    11.   Read the Christmas Story { Luke 2 }
Children can dress up using sheets and towels as Mary, Joseph, shepherds, and the wise men.


There are many, many more ideas online.  Don’t feel overwhelmed, just pick a few that are simple and fit into your family’s style.  And don’t forget to come to our Christmas Eve service.  

Heather Cooper